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Turkey vs. Israel
Turkish PM: Netanyahu and Hebdo Attackers are Both War Criminals

The kumbaya moment that the world saw as leaders gathered in Paris this weekend to mourn the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attacks is officially over. Turkey’s Prime Minister, Ahmet Davotuglu, is back to business as usual, bashing Israel. According to Reuters, he pivoted from the Hebdo massacre to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, who was at the Paris march with him:

“Just as the massacre in Paris committed by terrorists is a crime against humanity, Netanyahu, as the head of the government that kills children playing on the beach with the bombardment of Gaza, destroys thousands of homes…and that massacred our citizens on an aid ship in international waters, has committed crimes against humanity,” the Turkish premier said.

Israel’s new alliances in the Arab world are a major reason for long-term optimism, as we wrote recently. But the loss of Turkey from its list of friends is an ongoing misfortune in an otherwise brightening picture. As to what its increasing anti-Israel fixation says about the Turkish government: nothing good. It’s an old but true refrain that increased anti-Semitism is rarely the sign of a healthy society; the same is true of anti-Zionism.

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  • Suzyqpie

    In every country where Muslims are in the minority, they are obsessed with minority rights.
    In every country with a Muslim majority, …..there are no minority rights.

    • Pete

      Nicely put!

  • Pete

    More evidence that Turkey belongs neither in NATO nor the EU.

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