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Social Engineering
Maybe China Can’t Reverse Its Child Limit
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  • Silverfiddle

    Live by enforced birth control, die by enforced birth control…

  • Boritz

    “Human beings aren’t machines that can be adjusted in ideal ways every few years to ensure some sort of maximal societal utility.”

    No, it takes the better part of a century, but look where we are now.

  • FriendlyGoat

    China has too many people now. They may have too many aging, but that is a process they need to work through without uncontrolled growth. No one can really be a fan of an enforced one-child policy, but surely we can understand why it was imposed. Apparently the people have gotten used to this and see now little need to have multiple children.

  • f1b0nacc1

    This was a barbarous policy in the first place, utterly unacceptable on any basis. Any serious reading of history shows that the easiest and most civilized way to reduce population is to make that population rich. Rich countries care for the children, and thus have fewer of them so as to lavish more care upon those smaller numbers. Murdering them (or justifying the murder of those children) is the mark of a moral midget.

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