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Yes, Virginia, There Is a Global Class System
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  • qet

    Is it a “privilege” when it’s “necessary” and there are “good reasons”? How can it be unfair and not right if it is necessary and there are good reasons? Disappointing to see even the redoubtable WRM infected with the privilege virus that has killed off hundreds of thousands of intellects. I wish him a speedy recovery. It is also nonsensical to speak of a goal for “humanity,” but I blame that on the fever.

  • Pete

    What Mead calls ‘first world privilege’ is right and just … and necessary. It has been earned through the generations.

  • Lyle7

    It would be great to be able to get in a car in the U.S. and drive all the way down to Terra del Fuego totally unimpeded.

  • Andrew Allison

    Of course “this “first world privilege” is fair and is right. The countries issuing said passports (I wasn’t born with one /grin) have demonstrated to the world at large that visitors from them are unlikely to prove troublesome. It’s up to the governments and citizens of the countries who have not, not humanity, to do so.

    • Kevin

      That 18 year old student may not have earned it, but his parents, grandparents and forefathers certainly earned it for him by building a decent and civilized country for their progeny to grow up in.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Well, it would be nice if “humanity” could make it possible for the roots of Islam to be repealed from human thought, so we wouldn’t have to worry about Jihad walking in from several of the low-score countries listed above. But that isn’t happening.

    As a liberal, though, I do like the tone of the last paragraph. We must always speak for the best, even in the face of daunting realities.

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