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Demon Alcohol
Russia’s Real Problem
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  • Stick

    It’s not the vodka, its the absence of nutritional mixers.

  • Thom Burnett

    Lack of any numbers here. How many of these men are dying? How does that compare to the USA or other countries?
    If we get numbers, my first question will be how does that compare to the jail time, deaths, and other losses in various levels of regulation and/or Prohibition?

    Going to the article link it’s 8,000 deaths out of 150,000 men over 10 years. That’s something less than 0.6% per year. Nor does the article really claim that those deaths are all (or even mostly) due to alcohol. We really need a lot more data to honestly say what the situation is.

    This looks to me like WRM looking for confirmation of his bias against drug legalization and nostalgia for prohibition.

  • John Morris

    Lets not sweep Prohibition under the rug so quickly. It was the first real test of strength for the modern Progressives. It showed not only their raw political abilities and revealed their authoritarian tendencies to anyone paying attention, it was an early example of one of their most successful tactics: Entryism. They moved into the religious based movements pushing temperance and not only whipped it into a political organization they seized control of many of the religions behind them, converting them from Christianity to the new progressive ‘Social Gospel’, an effort still paying dividends today.

    Since Progs are still with us, any new proposed social efforts should take active counter measures against Entryism lest they also be quickly consumed and their original purpose lost.

    Especially in an unsettled land like Russia. Do we really want to see what the Russian Orthodox Church will look like as a fully weaponized political organization?

    • Tom

      We already have, during the 1600s. Peter the Great broke it to his will.

      • GS

        Read up on your own [“We”] history. It was not peter the great [who was called “the great” on the account of the great size of his peter], but ivan kalita, nor did it take that much effort: the orthodox church has always been more about “Let every soul be obedient to the powers that be, for these powers are instituted from god” than it was about religion proper. Byzantium tradition.

    • FriendlyGoat

      There is no “Christianity” without the “Social Gospel” of actually loving the neighbors.

      • John Morris

        That isn’t what the ‘social gospel’ is, Google it.

        • FriendlyGoat

          I don’t need Google to tell me how to interpret “social gospel”. You shouldn’t rely on it either. We either ARE concerned about the well-being (economic and otherwise) of all of the other people or we ARE NOT. I maintain there is no actual Christianity in “ARE NOT”.

  • R_of_the_H

    This article is about something that has benn known for decades. Try to get some news from the 21 st century.
    Like, how Russia and China’s oil trade agreement is outside the worlds oil markets value settings. Not dollar affected.

    • GS

      Perfect. Chinese yuan is relatively stable, russian ruble is not – the same headache, but visited upon the chinese heads. What’s not to like?

  • vepxistqaosani

    Back in the early 80’s, when I was hobnobbing with young astrophysicists in the USSR, one showed me his most highly prized possession: A nominally 1-liter bottle which had been hollowed out to hold 1.1 liters. Thus, he could get 10% extra illegal hooch from his local moonshiner.

    It’s hardly just the uneducated lower classes!

  • Fat_Man

    The original work on Soviet/Russian Demographics was done by Murray Feshbach and Nicholas Eberstadt. Here is Eberstadt on current Russian Demographics:

    “Putin’s Hollowed-Out Homeland: Russia’s human capital is in steep decline. A 15-year-old boy there won’t even live as long as one in Afghanistan.” By Nicholas Eberstadt May 7, 2014.

    If Putin took this problem seriously, I think he would play his hand differently. But, he doesn’t, which makes me believe that he is in “Après moi, le déluge” mode.

  • GS

    Prince vladimir, AD988: “the joy of russia is to drink; we cannot be without it”. Not that much has changed over the intervening 1026 years, except they learned distillation.
    In the late 70s, when I lived there, every morning I saw the same crowd of alcoholics by the door of a local pharmacy, waiting for it to open: they would buy colognes [these were sold in pharmacies, and by law the alcohol going in them was not denatured; per unit of alcohol it was much cheaper than vodka] and drink them. And I could regale the readers with the battle stories about the techniques used to “purify” the alcohol-based paints, glues, and varnishes.
    Here one is talking of nothing less than their civilizational nature: their joy is to drink, and they cannot be without it.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I think the reason they drink so much is the hopelessness of Russian culture which clearly has no future. I doubt drinking in the Soviet Union was any different than it is now in Russia so it isn’t the drinking that’s the problem, it’s just a symptom of the problem.

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