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No Strings Attached
Spending Bill to Restore Aid to Egypt
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  • Anthony

    “Diplomatic association with the United States was not, however, ultimately able to solve the conundrum faced by the nationalist military autocracies…Association with the United States had not defused social challenges” (Henry Kissinger). That is, the authoritarian regime must yet grapple with the Islamic alternative to the secular national state with or without U.S. $1.3 billion annual stipend.

  • Pete

    “Given the tumult in the Middle East these days, it seems virtually certain that the national security lobby will beat the human rights campaigners when it comes to Egypt’s military aid.”

    How cute. And who gets left out of this equation? It’s the U.S. taxpayer.

    America has a recognized national debt of $18 trillion and here we are continuing to squander money on this ragtag country who regards welfare from the U.S. as a right.

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