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Pension Meltdown
Detroit Convictions Highlight Larger Pension Problems
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  • John B Gorentz

    The primary purpose of Democrat regulation is political control. Effectiveness, fairness, safety, etc. are of secondary interest.

  • Anthony

    If as some say and power corrupts, then it usually gets a helping hand from money. The influence system is a money system in search of special favors from officeholders, trustees, etc. (clientelism). The issue is not blue or red governance. Besides denouncing corruption perhaps we ought to better understand the politico-economic system that makes it ubiquitous.

    “If the powers and resources of the social order itself are used for the maximization of private greed, then corruption will be chronic rather than occasional, a systemic product rather than merely an outgrowth of the politician’s flawed character.”

  • Pete

    Democrats — those in elected positions, those in the bureaucracy, and those in the voting booth — are the number one problem with America today.

  • Boritz

    Regarding unions and pensions and diverted money and the prospect of being a pauper in old age because your retirement money was criminally managed: As Clarence Darrow said, “I’d rather be a friend of the working man – than to be a working man.”

  • FriendlyGoat

    What are we to think of Republicans who have spent an entire Social SecurityTrust Fund (low trillions) on other things with no plans whatsoever to replace it. While it’s true that Democrats have been culpable in some state-level public pension problems, the “big one” is still on the way, mitigated only by the fact that the federal government can print money.

    I dare say that in the next two years, the GOP Congress is going to come up with some marvelous ideas for cutting Social Security in order to “save” the disappeared Trust Fund into the permanent future—–where it NEVER has to be produced for the purpose intended.

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