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Mistrals and Miscalculations

In case you missed it on Monday evening, our podcast this week featured two previews of the essays from our upcoming issue of the print magazine (just sent to the printer this week).

First up, the Atlantic Council’s Jeff Lightfoot discussed the French conundrum over the sale of the Mistral warships to Russia. Here, he argues that above all the decision not to deliver the ships hinged as much on Russian pressure as it did on a desire to maintain solidarity with the rest of Europe:

Next up was NYU law professor Stephen Holmes, who along with Ivan Krastev authored a piece in the magazine arguing that Putin’s actions in Ukraine are driven primarily by domestic concerns. Here is how the crisis started for Putin:

Be sure to listen to the whole thing. Also, please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, and follow our host Richard Aldous @RJAldous and Jeff Lightfoot @jeffdlightfoot on Twitter.

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