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Time for That Australian Vacation
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  • rheddles

    And New Year’s Eve in Sydney is a fantastic spectacle. Pay the money for a hotel at the Rocks and watch from the rooftop.

  • Andrew Allison

    Or stay at home in the US, where the people also speak English (more-or-less).

  • Lorenzo from Oz

    Also, our central bank has more sensible policies than yours, and way more sensible than the ECB’s. Hence no recession since 1992: which is well before the China commodity boom and covered the 1997 Asian crisis.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “With U.S. interest rates expected to rise and the commodity slump likely to continue, that number could slide further.”

    The World economy is 6 years into Great Depression 2.0, that means we are in a deflationary environment and the Dollar is rising in value, which means interest rates are NOT going to go up. If the number slides it will be because of other factors not because loans based in Dollars are getting a higher return.

  • Arlen

    I found this post quite unique and interesting. I have not enough knowledge about Australia because I am not from this country. I only visited this country few months ago after my charleston to new york bus tour with my family. It is a modern and beautiful country strong mixed economy and awesome attractions. The people of this country are very friendly and hospitable. Mostly Australian people are wildlife lover.

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