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The latest snarl in Sino-Russian relations?
Vladimir Putin’s Tiger On a Bloody Rampage Through China

For those thinking it would be all smooth sailing between China and Russia as they join ranks against the United States, think again. A Siberian tiger, released into the wild by Vladimir Putin in one of his trademark macho man PR stunts, is on a bloody killing spree in China. The tiger, which crossed the border in October, is devastating Chinese goats. According to the state media outlet Xinhua:

The tiger, named Ustin, attacked a goat farm on Heixiazi Island in Fuyuan county of northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, biting and killing 13 goats, local sources told Xinhua on Wednesday.

Guo Yulin, the owner of the farm, is stressed about the tiger and was busy clearing the bodies of dead goats.

When Ustin visited the farm on Sunday, he heard the bark of the neighbor’s dog, came out to check, but did not find anything abnormal. In the morning, he found two goats killed and another three missing.

“On Monday night, the tiger came back and did not make any noise. When I opened the goat house in the morning, dead goats were everywhere,” Guo recalled. […]

The local forestry department vowed to compensate Guo for his losses — a total of 18 goats in the two raids. To avoid further attack, the department encouraged Guo to relocate his goats or further reinforce the farm.

This is a fine stopgap measure to keep the lid on this scandal. But neither China’s patience, nor its supply of goats, is infinite.

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  • Andrew Allison

    Another interpretation might be that maintaining “friendly relations” with Russia is more important than a few dozen goats.

    • FriendlyGoat

      Apparently you do not have any goats as personal friends.

  • DiaKrieg

    Um, how do we know it is Putin’s tiger killing the goats and not some other tiger?

  • Josephbleau

    I remember the ancient joke of 2 Soviet soldiers guarding one farmer plowing. If this was still true and in China they at least could shoot the tiger. Or give the farmer a Chinese open carry permit.

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