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Crude Economics
Russia Floats Oil-Production Cut
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I’m thinking the American shale oil development which has enormous momentum is going to crush the oil state’s budgets for years to come. These mostly Government Monopoly owned state oil monopolies are ill suited to compete with the proven skills of the American shale oil producers.

  • Kevin

    The Saudi’s would also like to see lower prices (not just to expand market share and drive more expensive producers to the walls) to undercut investments in alternative energy research which will devalue the value of all that oil still under the sands. They can afford to think much more long term than Putin (and perhaps as a dynastic regime are more future oriented than Putin who seems to have no long term goal beyond his own power).

  • Josephbleau

    Russia is not very good at capitalism yet, they want to raise the price and make it up on lower volume? They should stick to what they do best and threaten to invade Arabia if they don’t stop making crude.

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