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A Third Intifada?
What the Israeli Right and Left Get Wrong
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  • Corlyss

    “mass Palestinian unrest is the result of Palestinian radicalism or the provocations of Netanyahu’s government.”

    Strikes me as more than a tad coincidental that the unrest comes at precisely the time when this feckless administration is trying to bully the Israelis into silence and inaction vis Iran while the administration sells Western and Jewish birthrights for a mess of potage.

  • wigwag

    I have never met Yahuda Glick, but in the mid 1990s, I met with his father Shimon Glick many times. Dr. Glick is a well-respected endocrinologist who specialized in treating both Type I and Type II diabetes. As it happens, both forms of diabetes have reached near-epidemic proportions in the Arab community, especially the Israeli-Bedouin community. Shimon was on the staff of the Goldman School of medicine and taught at Ben Gurion university in Ber Sheva, which is in the Negev desert in Israel’s south.

    Shimon treated his Arab patients tenderly and with great respect. Shimon was also a mentor to medical students from Gaza; before the Hamas takeover, physicians and medical students actually traveled back and forth between Gaza and Ber Sheva regularly. So did Palestinian patients.

    I bring this up because it is reflective of the difference between Israelis and Palestinians. Even deeply religious Jews (Shimon was always far more leftist than his son) were anxious to treat Palestinians with respect. Palestinians on the other hand can’t even abide the thought of Jews praying silently on their most sacred site.

    I wish someone would ask President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry whether they would support a decision by the Vatican which outlawed Protestants from touring Saint Peter’s Basilica or even praying silently their if they chose to. Should Jews, Hindus or Buddhists be barred from visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

    The problem that large swaths of the liberal western world refuses to come to grips with is that while there are large numbers of decent Palestinians, Palestinian culture writ large is characterized by violence, bigotry, intolerance and a disdain for modernity.

    It is not a political culture that can be accommodated or appeased. It is a political culture that needs to be defeated. It needs to confronted with the same tactics that General Sherman used as he marched through the South.

    The United States doesn’t need to assist in the project, it just needs to get out of the way. If America does want to be helpful, it could remind its feckless and useless European allies that a continent that murdered virtually all it’s Jews and schooled the Arabs in Jew-hatred can’t expect to be listened to when it comes to anything pertaining to Jews and Israel.

    • Corlyss

      “It needs to confronted with the same tactics that General Sherman used as he marched through the South.”

      Good heavens, Wag! You speak as if you didn’t know we don’t DO THAT any more! We white westerners and our culture have no business prosecuting our views of civilization or standing up for ourselves. Only other cultures unsullied by our values deserve that right of action. We have to submit as we once forced the rest of the world to submit to our superior ideas, our mastery of war-making, and our talent for discovery and innovation. We have to recognize and atone for our sins. Amen.

      • Pete

        You speak of the ‘white man’s burden.’

  • Fat_Man

    1. You sound like someone who has been breathing John Kerry’s fumes. That is bad way to live. I suggest getting away from him.

    2. If the Palestinians are human beings, then they have moral agency, and are responsible for their own actions, and may not blame their actions on another. He provoked me is an excuse for small children. One that should never be accepted. “No, you may not hit your little brother regardless of what he said to you.” The claim that “provocation” is a reason or excuse for violence is rubbish.

    3. There is no such thing as a spontaneous or leaderless Palestinian action. The Palestinian leadership is perfectly willing to use murderous violence against any of their followers who get out of line, and has done that on many occasions. If there are demonstrations and murderous attacks the Palestinian leadership organized and commanded them.

    4. Leaders of free democratic countries may not suppress political movements. If a political movement in Israel holds a position that does not correspond to cabinet policy, the leadership may not be lumbered with tacit indorsement of anything because they have allowed people to exercise their democratic rights. Unlike the Palestinians, Israel does not hang dissenters from lamposts without trial.

    5. Until Obama proclaimed that the building of houses by Israelis is the key issue in peace negotiations, it wasn’t a key issue. The real issue with negotiating a settlement with the Palestinians is the Palestinian leadership which is getting paid billions of dollars to play the victim. Abbas is also concerned with being assasinated by rejectionists, such as Hamas, if he does negotiate a peace treaty. The only people in the world who believe that the government of israel, (metonymized as Netanyahu) is the problem are Obama, Kerry, and the editors of Haaretz.

    6. The israeli government has not interupted or changed a status quo. Whenever the Palistians throw a hissy fit, they close the mosque on the Temple Mount. Israel does not claim Jerusalem as its capital. It established Jerusalem as its capital. If you want to find the government of Israel, you have to go to Jerusalem. Jerusalem belongs to Israel, and they are not giving it up, no matter what Obama, Kerry, and the editorial board of Haaertz say or do.

    7. Abass is throwing the hissy fit to show the rejectionists that he is still part of the cause. But, he won’t escalate, because he knows that Israel is the only thing between him and assasination.

    • FriendlyGoat

      #8 sounds like a “conclusion” to an essay written when the author knows he needs to wind it up—–but hasn’t the foggiest idea what to say.

      • Fat_Man

        FG: Your comment sounds like something written by an internet commenter who needs to reply … but hasn’t the foggiest idea of what to say.

    • Fat_Man

      Further to my point 8:

      “To understand why peace in Palestine is years if not decades away, consider the Palestinian celebrations after Tuesday’s murder in a Jerusalem synagogue of five Israelis, including three with joint U.S. citizenship. Two Palestinian cousins armed with meat cleavers and a gun attacked worshipers during morning prayers, and the response was jubilation in the streets.”

  • John Tyler

    “…..Frustratingly, both sides are right…….”

    What absolute rubbish.

    Israel can decide to shrink itself back inside the 1948 borders, abandon Jerusalem, and the Palestinian response would be to triple their efforts to totally destroy Israel and murder every last Israeli. Only an idiot (e.g, Kerry, Obama, Israeli lefties) believe otherwise.

    Everybody knows this. There is simply nothing that Israel can do, NOTHING, that will steer the Arabs and Palestinians from their goal of totally annihilating Israel and all its inhabitants.
    Israel needs to bite the bullet; accept that the Palestinians and Arabs want them dead, that they, the Jews are hated , and that there is no chance in hell of them ever, ever, ever being accepted or allowed to live in peace. NEVER.

    Leftist Israelis who think that peace can be achieved are no different than the Jews walking into Auschwitz, reading “arbeit macht frei,” and thinking they were entering a day camp for a short spell to go camping and swimming. Sure.

    Israel had best accept this and do what it must to defend itself; forever.

    • Fat_Man

      Fortunately, we saw signs this summer in the way the Gaza thing unfolded, that the Egyptians and the Saudis now regard Israel as a solution and not as a problem. Jordan, perforce , relies on Israel for its security. Everyone in the region knows that the US is no longer a trustworthy ally. They also know that Israel is not going anywhere and is opposed to the Islamic extremists and Iran just as they are.

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