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The Future of the GOP
GOP Splits on Shutting Down the Government, Again

The GOP has only just captured the Senate, and some members of the party may already be angling to force another government shutdown over President Obama’s proposed executive action on immigration. The circumstances and conditions of Obama’s immigration action aren’t yet clear, but he has floated the idea of protecting upwards of 6 million illegal immigrants from deportation. GOP critics say this move would amount to amnesty, and some want to use the budget discussions to fight it. Some members of the GOP have pushed back, hard. The newly elected Cory Gardner had the following to say, according to CNN:

“There’s no time, place or purpose of a government shutdown or default,” Gardner said Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “That’s simply ridiculous and something that a mature governing body doesn’t even contemplate. We ought to make it very clear that that’s simply not acceptable.”

This may very well be the first major test for the newly powerful GOP. If the party’s leaders can’t hold on the line on the promise they made to avoid a shutdown, then their ability to shepherd through a productive legislation agenda looks much more doubtful. If they can find a better way to address the President’s proposed executive action, their prospects for the next several years look more hopeful.

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  • Brian Stahl

    I don’t agree with the purpose of deporting immigrants, but the power of the purse is one of Congress’ most fundamental constitutional prerogatives. It is important to reclaim it, but it should be done on more morally acceptable things. By no stretch of the imagination is it “ridiculous.”

    • FriendlyGoat

      Can we discuss the more morally acceptable things you want Republicans to cut in order to spite Obama? Defense? Medicare? Social Security? Medicaid? Research? Infrastructure? Tax enforcement? Big Bird/PBS? What are you talking about?

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The TEA Party conservatives blame the power corrupted establishment Leadership for its failure to be fiscally responsible, and if they allow Obama to do what is clearly unconstitutional there is likely to be a complete break. The American middle class is very angry about the illegal alien issue, they voted 70% to 30% against issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens in extremely blue Oregon, so their position in the purple and red states is likely even more lopsided. I think most Americans feel this is their country, that the jobs and wages available here are their inheritance from their ancestors, and that the illegal aliens are unjustly stealing their inheritance.

    • FriendlyGoat

      Yes, but TEA Party working people do not seem to understand that Republicans’ ideas for a “guest worker” program can steal their jobs and wages even more effectively than a bunch of free-floating immigrants. We usually have enough agriculture workers. The guest worker thing is for employers to be able to import immigrants for more-skilled jobs (at lower wages.) It’s hard to understand why people vote for this on the justification of keeping immigrants out.

      • Josephbleau

        The ones that want more high tech guest workers are the silicon valley folks (hey the dem donators) who want the cheap emigrants wrt the higher paid us kids.

    • Boritz

      You can get your tires slashed in Oregon for parking on the beach with California plates. When it comes to sharing their real estate they find their inner red state and then some.

  • Arkeygeezer

    The conservative blind spot on immigration is to label every possible compromise on the issue as “amnesty”. This refusal to face the reality of millions of illegal aliens that are in our society prevents any solution to the problem. If Obama can help resolve the problem with executive action — so be it. Let the chips fall where they may.

    • Josephbleau

      And disregard the legislative process. The bad thing is is when agreements are broken there is no longer an agreement.

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