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Obamacare Follies Edition

Via Meadia

Drug Testing Can Make Doctors Rich

Some doctors make more money from drug-testing patients than they than do for treating them, despite Medicare’s push to limit over-testing.

Haste Makes Obamacare Waste

If the Supreme Court rules against the legality of the Affordable Care Act’s federal subsidies, the Democrats will have no one to blame but themselves.

A Wary Obama Lowballs Obamacare

The newest enrollment estimates for the ACA lower the expected number of enrollees by about four million. This is a smart move, but also a reminder of how much Obama over-promised when the law was first passed.

China Cracks Down on Popular Beijing Smog App

A popular air quality app was told to stop using its most accurate source of measurements—the US embassy in Beijing. See no smog, breathe no smog?

Christian Persecution in China: A Pilot Project?

China’s experiments in persecuting Christians have been limited, but if they expand the oppression could wind up strengthening the faith.

Sunni Tribes Left Defenseless Against ISIS

ISIS is slaughtering Sunni tribesmen by the hundreds, but corruption in the central Iraqi government is depriving them of the guns they need.

China, U.S. Reach Agreement on Trade Liberalization

China and the U.S. have agreed to terms of a massive trade deal that will reduce or remove tariffs on up to $1 trillion in trade.

No End in Sight for the Euro Crisis

Europe hasn’t solved its euro problem; it has exchanged a sharp, searing pain for a slow, debilitating burn.


Shoring up the Frontier

No allies have been more alienated by President Obama’s missteps than those in Eastern Europe and the Eurasian periphery, argues Andrew L. Peek; and in the periphery none more so than in the Caucasus.









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