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The Republican Congress, Foreign Policy, And The Perils of Underestimating a ‘Lame Duck’


Podcast: Republicans Abroad and Detroit in Court

On the podcast tonight, first Michael Barone stops by to discuss what the midterms could mean for Obama’s final two years’ foreign policy, and the chances for the president working together with Republicans. Then, Steven Malanga talks about Detroit’s progress through municipal bankruptcy, including the deals the city has struck with its major creditors, and what sorts of precedents these proceedings might set for future municipal bankruptcies.

Review: China’s Lust for Life

The contradiction between political authoritarianism and capitalist aspiration is the underlying theme of Evan Osnos’ Age of Ambition, says Derek Parker. The book offers a kaleidoscopic portrait of 21st-century China, whose rulers have their hands full trying to contain an increasingly diverse and demanding younger generation.

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ISIS Chief May Have Been Wounded in Airstrike

The leader of ISIS may have been wounded in a U.S. airstrike. But the slow pace of allied bombing is revealing our intelligence blind-spots.

China Scores Cheap Gas from Russia

Russia and China have signed a second, massive new gas agreement. While Moscow is happy to welcome a new buyer, Beijing is coming out on top with this deal.

Corruption Derails China’s Plans in Mexico

Public perceptions of corruption have forced Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto to cancel a multibillion-dollar high-speed rail deal with China.

GOP on Obamacare: Neither Repeal Nor Replace

The GOP leadership wants to hollow out the employer mandate by exempting more workers from it. This tactic is neither “repeal” nor “replace” but something much smarter politically.

Asia’s Big Two Meet Up

The leaders of China and Japan met formally at the APEC conference, and took valuable steps towards a more amicable relationship. That’s good news for the U.S., too.

White House Insider Headed for #2 Post at State

The White House has nominated one of the President’s inner circle for the second-highest job at the State Department. It’s a smart move.

Beware Writing Off a “Lame Duck”

President Obama may have been handed a stinging rebuke in the midterms, but smart foreigners would do well not to conclude that he is therefore powerless to act in foreign affairs. Quite the reverse is true, in fact.

India’s Muslims Abandoning Congress

Disenchanted with the weakened Congress Party and fearful of Modi’s Hindu nationalist BJP, India’s Muslims are turning to their own sectarian party.


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