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All Grown Up
Silicon Valley: Better Red Than Dead

Silicon Valley is turning red. According to the WSJ, the longstanding preference of tech donors for the Democratic party is gradually but steadily reversing, with political action committees associated with large technology companies donating to Republican candidates at a higher rate this election season than they did in 2010. That year, 55 percent of relevant donations went to Democratic candidates; this year, 52 percent went to Republicans. The Democratic party has failed to give Silicon Valley what it wants—in particular, patent reform and a liberalized immigration regime for skilled workers—and Silicon Valley is increasingly returning the favor. Here’s the piece’s conclusion:

Silicon Valley doesn’t need much from government, but it does need reform in areas where government policy has failed. Even liberal Democrats in the tech industry have been mugged by the reality of how Washington now operates.

Silicon Valley as a culture is “growing up“, transcending its self-image as a refuge for quirky nerds, and coming to terms with what it has long been clear it has become: the home of some of the world’s biggest and most aggressive corporations. Getting your hands dirty with politics is just part of playing the game.

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  • FriendlyGoat

    55% one way to 52% the other way is not a big swing. These people are buying access to any/all candidates.

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