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Grappling with Theodicy While Digesting The Elections


Forgiving God?

A sermon preached on the eve of Yom Kippur by a Conservative rabbi in Seattle makes for some startling reading, says Peter Berger. Theodicy has a long history across many religions.

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Saudis Set Up Showdown With Shale

The Saudis cut the price of crude sold to the U.S. this week in what many see as a bid to squeeze out shale, but the world’s petro-states could lose a lot in this game of chicken.

Keystone Could Be Up To Congress Now

A filibuster-proof majority in the Senate in support of the Keystone XL pipeline may force the President’s hand on the controversial project.

Young Egyptians Look to ISIS

Following months of ineffective student protests, and under threat of arrest and imprisonment, the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood are increasingly considering the violent tactics and ideology of ISIS in their fight against Sisi and the Egyptian government.

Xi Waves the Carrot at Taiwan

Chinese President Xi Jinping made friendly overtures to Taiwan this week by emphasizing the two countries’ close business relations. If China hopes to keep Taiwan close, that’s the smart strategy to pursue—but Beijing’s policy in Hong Kong could wind up pushing Taiwan away for good.

NYT: ACA Small Business Program a Failure

Small businesses are dropping health care coverage for their employees, threatening the future of the ACA’s entire small business program and increasing the cost of the law to the taxpayer.

Russian Oil Production: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Russian oil production is staying stable, even in the face of Western sanctions. However, Moscow’s longer-term outlook is a lot less rosy.

Nigeria Struggles to Keep It Together

Nigeria is facing down a triumphant Boko Haram that grows ever more powerful. Is it now fighting not only for its sovereign territory but for its future as a state?

Silicon Valley: Better Red Than Dead

In 2010, 55 percent of Silicon Valley PAC donations went to Democratic candidates; this year, 52 percent went to Republicans. As the Valley warms up to the state, it might also be turning red.

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