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Melting Pot or Seething Cauldron?
Turkish-Kurdish Unrest Spreads to Germany

Germany has trouble with its minority Turkish population, Turkey has trouble with its minority Kurdish population; does Germany then have trouble with its Kurdish population? This would seem too neat to be true, a sort of political transitive fallacy. But according to The Telegraph, it is in fact the case:

Hamburg riot police fought street battles with more than 1,000 Kurds demonstrating against Islamic State attacks in Syria on Wednesday night, prompting police leaders to warn of a “proxy” Middle East war breaking out in Germany.

Both police and protesters were injured in the clashes which erupted after a peaceful demonstration by 1,300 banner-waving Kurds in the port city’s Altona district. The protests were against Isil attacks on Kurdish towns.

The immigrant Kurds, like those in Turkey, are angry with Ankara’s hardhearted refusal to help the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani defend itself against ISIS. But unlike in Turkey, they are not attacking the party involved, but rather the German riot police, whose union head said they felt caught in a “proxy war.”

Quite apart from the question of whether the Kurdish complaints with respect to Turkey are justified, these riots seem to reflect a broader European problem—namely the tendency to import “peoples” rather than people. If Europe is going to continue to rely on large-scale immigration, it had better start thinking about how to do a better job assimilating its newcomers.

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  • Brett Champion

    Yeah, open borders is a win-win all around.

  • Corlyss

    Reality is a bitch. It’s been starting the Eurotrash in the face for 30 years, but they chose to ignore the implications and hope the consequences happened in France first.

  • LarryD

    The European are founded on nationalism of the most tribal sort. That is why children of immigrants to France are not considered Frence, despite what the law says.

    America is not doing so good since 1985, when our laws stopped encouraging assimilation.

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