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The God Wars
"Filthy French" Muslims Raise Voices Against ISIS

Muslims in France are increasingly taking a stand against jihadism, as a new campaign launched in the U.K. called “Not In My Name” spreads to the Continent. Now the campaign is gaining even more ground, due to the outrage and horror over the beheading of French mountain guide Hervé Gourdel by Algerian Islamists last week. The WSJ reports:

The video [of the beheading] stunned France, as did a message on Monday from Islamic State that made explicit threats to Westerners, calling on Muslims world-wide to target what it called the unbelievers, “especially the spiteful and filthy French.”

A group of prominent French Muslims, including Senate Vice President Bariza Khiari, wrote an op-ed article Friday in the Le Figaro newspaper headlined “We also are c.” In the article, the group dissociated themselves from the killers of Mr. Gourdel, saying they don’t have the “right to claim to represent Islam or speak on our behalf.”

In addition, the “Not In My Name” campaign has the country’s Muslims posting “videos on Twitter and other social networks dissociating themselves from terrorist groups.” This kind of public opposition is important not only because it helps shore up opposition to jihadism among those who might be tempted by to support it, but also because it will help forestall a possible backlash against Europe’s Muslim population. It’s tragic that many ordinary Muslim citizens of European nations may face heightened suspicion, but especially as jihadists born or raised in the West continue to make headlines, the tension between Muslim communities and their neighbors is likely to grow.

French Muslims aren’t the only ones standing against ISIS; recently a group of 126 international Muslim scholars sent an open letter to the self-proclaimed ISIS Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi arguing that ISIS’s regime and its brutality are theologically unjustifiable in terms of Islamic scripture, law, and tradition. We’d like to see more of this, please. 

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  • Rick Johnson

    Based on the evidence, Westerners are right to be suspicious of muslims in their communities.

    Muslims in the West must become more active in opposing the jihadists and being very clear that they stand for western values, not the barbaric ISIS.

  • Kneave Riggall

    Praise Allah! Finally, muslim moderates speak out against ISIS! And those moderates are FRENCH!

  • rheddles

    The radicalism has been abetted by the “holy” men sent around the world by Saud money to preach their Wahabism in their big new mosques. I’ll be impressed when more of these moderates are turning down Saud money and missionaries. At least our universities are starting to see through the Chinese Confucius Institute propaganda program and throwing them off campus, a story the Feed has overlooked.

  • ljgude

    Many of us have been wondering what it will take to produce an actual backlash against Muslims. I think that silent disgust with jihadi shenanigans silently grows every time Muslims perpetrate another glorious act of jihad. It has gotten pretty spectacular lately so It is not surprising that a small number of Muslims are beginning to speak up. However, I don’t think they will cause enough Muslims to oppose the jihadis to prevent the day of reckoning. There is a very determined radical edge that carries most of Islam with it. Not all – I personally know non jihadi Muslims – but they are not leading the majority.

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