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Sobriety as Management Oppression

Oh, France. You’re so very… French. The Telegraph:

Tens of thousands of Paris commuters faced delays after rail workers went on strike in support of two colleagues punished because they were caught drinking rum cocktails while on duty at a major signal box.

A two-minute video circulating on the internet allegedly shows the pair, along with several other rail workers, boozing and joking as they munched on crepes at the post in the west of Paris in February last year.

One of them says he has just mistakenly sent a train towards a platform that was already occupied by another train.

“So it went into a platform where there was already a train?” one of his colleagues asked.

“Yes. Luckily the bloke spotted it,” the first worker replies in the shaky video that shows the workers chatting and joking instead of paying attention to the control panels.

“The rum is starting to go to your head, huh?” the first man responded.

His co-worked replied: “Yeah, it’s a bit strange.”

The rail workers union denounced the punishment of the workers as “management oppression”, and claimed that the rum the workers were drinking had been used to cook the crepes first and thus had little alcohol in it. No explanation seems to have been offered as to why one of the workers was boasting about being drunk at his post at an earlier time.

Oh, to be a rail worker in Paris.

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  • B-Sabre

    ::strikes “Ride a French Subway” off his bucket list.::

  • Boritz

    DAMM (Drunks Against Mad Mothers) extends sympathy to the workers.

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