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The New European Reality
Poll: Anti-Europe Party Surges in Netherlands

As the Scottish question gets decided today, big changes are coming all across Europe as rejectionist parties in France, Germany, the UK and now the Netherlands make impressive strides. OpenEurope:

A new opinion poll by TNS Nipo has found that Geert Wilders’ anti-EU PVV party would be the biggest party in the Dutch House of Representatives with 27 out of 150 seats – up from 18 seats last month. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s centre-right/liberal VVD would win 26 seats, the centre-left/liberal D66 would win 21 seats, and the Socialist Party would win 20 seats.

Prime Minister Le Pen, meet Prime Minister Wilders…

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  • wigwag

    Except that real elections often don’t mirror what the polls show.

    Just a couple of months ago, to the surprise of most interested observers, Wilders’ party stumbled quite badly in the elections for the European Parliament. As the Dutch went to the polls, many people thought PVV was destined to finnish first; instead it finished fourth.

    Both Le Pen and Farage did much better.

    • Andrew Allison

      The difference between the European Parliamentary election and the latest opinion poll sugests that Wilder’s explanation (from the article linked to) “Wilders blamed the disappointing score on a low turnout of around 35 percent, saying that “by staying home (voters) showed their loathing for and disinterest in the European Union. The Netherlands has not become more pro-European.” could be right. That said, as you point out, the only poll that matters is an election.

  • Andrew Allison

    It is clear that there is very significant anti-EU sentiment within the EU, sentiment to which Brussels appears blind. It will be interesting to see whether the EU Mandarins are willing to risk the rise of what TAI likes to refer to as “extreme right-wing” parties rather than address the issue by devolving some of its power back to the member counties. History suggests that, the political well-being of Europe be damned, they’ll hang on to the bitter end.

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