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The Terror Threat Spreads West
Al-Qaeda Calls For Lone Wolves To Target US, UK

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has released a list of terror targets in the U.S. and UK which it encouraged “lone wolves” to attack, according to The Telegraph:

The media arm of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) this week published a nine-page how-to guide in its English-language magazine on making car bombs and suggests terror targets in the UK and the US. […]

There is a suggested list of targets for lone-wolf, or individually executed, terror attacks, including New York’s Times Square, casinos and nightclubs in Las Vegas, oil tankers and busy train stations.

Al-Qaeda considers ISIS a rival, and it may have issued this call in order to draw attention back to itself from ISIS’ very public messages to the West, which have included not only the gruesome beheading of American journalist James Foley but a sustained stream of videos and social media threats.

Officials both in the U.S. and abroad are stepping up measures to track militants and guard against attacks on home territory. American intelligence officials told the New York Times that they have identified nearly a dozen of the 100 or so American thought to be fighting in the Middle East, which is at least a welcome start. Meanwhile, Britain has raised its terrorist threat warning to the second highest level, indicating that an attack is “highly likely” though not “imminent.” The storm brewing in Syria and Iraq seems not merely to be menacing the Middle East, but also threatening to move closer to home.

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  • Boritz

    Interesting approach since our investigators are quick to dismiss something as a terrorist attack when there is a lack of phone records that prove the perpetrators were talking directly with a OBL lieutenant. We know for example that Maj. Hasan is an example of work-place violence.

  • Duperray

    A so much lethal enemy figthing under cover or sending youngsters doped with drugs to act as living bombs, deserve no respect. Israël found the right way: Quietly eliminating every suspect by illegal means. Sorry for those victim odf error: Killed civilians in attacks are also not guilty.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The Jihadists are telegraphing the fact that they lack the resources to conduct attacks on the west. This is because the Jihadists are heavily focused on killing each other in the Sunni vs Shiite sectarian war. And this fight is using up all the resources the Jihadists on both sides can get their hands on. This is known as the “Divide and Conquer” strategy, and was used with great success for centuries by the Byzantine Empire against the barbarian tribes on its borders. One of the features of this strategy is its low cost, as it often takes no more than a word in the right ear at the right time to keep the war going.

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