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diplomatic danger zone
China Fighter Jet Conducts "Dangerous Intercept" of US Aircraft

There was a dramatic airborne flashpoint between China and the United States this week, the Navy Times reports:

The Pentagon says a Chinese fighter jet conducted a “dangerous intercept” of a U.S. Navy aircraft three days ago off the coast of China in international airspace.

The Pentagon press secretary, Rear Adm. John Kirby, said Friday that Washington has lodged a protest to China through diplomatic channels.

Kirby said the Chinese jet made several close passes by the Navy P-8 Poseidon plane, coming within 30 feet of it. He said the Chinese jet did a roll maneuver over the top of the Poseidon and also passed across the nose of the Navy plane, exposing the belly of the fighter in a way apparently designed to show that it was armed.

The provocation closely mirrors a 2001 incident in roughly the same location, in which a Chinese plane flew perilously close to a U.S. aircraft and collided with it. The Chinese pilot was killed and the American plane forced to land. And this isn’t even the first recent example of close Chinese flybys ratcheting up diplomatic tensions over the waters of the western Pacific, either. The story is still developing, but the jet’s maneuver looks a lot like a direct affront from an ever more aggressive China.

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  • Duperray

    Shall a chinese warplane flying by US borders be welcomed with wisthle, flowers, pop corn girls and red carpet?
    US presence in China Seas results of 1944 war progress; It is not eternal and has to cease one day or another, yielding room to the more powerful.

    • PKCasimir

      Chinese Communist troll.

      • El Gringo

        To be fair, he is also a Russian troll. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

    • RonRonDoRon

      Do you understand the concept of “international airspace”?

  • Pete

    If this aggressive move was in international airspace, a Jacksonian president might well have ordered it shot down.

  • AndrewL

    With crumbling infrastructure, still high unemployment, stagnation/regression of our middle class, and record debt, we somehow still find the resource to project air power 6000 miles away from our mainland. Our decline will not be brought about by any foreign power, but by our own imperial overreach.

  • El Gringo

    Would you go so far as to say he flew “right into the danger zone?”

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