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The Future of Shopping
Online Shopping Gets More Convenient All the Time

Online shopping has become even more convenient: you can now “try on” your clothes before you buy them. As Reuters reports, consumers can now use scanners and other methods to make sure purchases will suit them before they buy:

One virtual try-on system is made by FaceCake (, based near Los Angeles. Called Swivel HD, it works with Microsoft’s Kinect 2 to project clothing onto users as though they are looking in a mirror. Users stand about two feet away and hold out their hands as if they are grabbing products off a rack. If you bend with a virtual purse on, the strap bends with you so you can see how it fits your body contours. […]

True Fit (, software built for retailers, works with more than 1,000 brands like Michael Kors and Sean John. Shoppers can create a new profile in 60 seconds or less by entering their height, weight, body type and size of their favorite dress instead of traditional measurements.

Online shopping will become even more attractive to consumers as this sort of technology develops. Sure, people can always go to stores to find and buy well-fitting clothes. But, as we noted before, online shopping can help eliminate important sources of economic and environmental waste, and anything that improves the consumer experience will help spur those trends on.

Body scans may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the services that Reuters lists are a snapshot of what technology promises, and what it often delivers: a life that is a little more convenient and little less expensive.

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  • FriendlyGoat

    Virtual selfies will sell stuff for sure.

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