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Another Road to War in the Middle East

The Iraqi Army withdrew from the border with Saudi Arabia in the heavily Sunni Anbar Province yesterday, leaving the road open for ISIS to attack the Kingdom. In response, the Saudis sent 30,000 troops to fill the gap. The Financial Times reports:

Saudi Arabia has deployed 30,000 troops to its border with Iraq, the pan-Arab television station Al Arabiya said on Thursday, after tribal leaders within the war-torn country reported Iraqi government forces abandoning their posts on the frontier.

Iraqi government officials have not yet commented on any withdrawal, nor is it clear how many soldiers were told to leave. But Abdul Razzaq al-Shammari, a tribal sheikh from the restive Anbar province, said troops had been ordered to leave the Saudi border near Anbar, one of the areas where Sunni insurgents and militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (known as Isis) have been seizing territory.

The withdrawal represents another stage in the full scale collapse of the Iraqi government as anything but the rule of a Shi’a rump of the country. Meanwhile, this creates a huge danger for Saudi Arabia. Will ISIS turn south?

This is yet another scenario that could well drag the U.S. into war. The costs of the American failure to contain the Syrian War continue to grow.

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  • lukelea

    Alternate history: The costs of the American intervention in the Syrian War continue to grow.

  • Arkeygeezer

    The Saudi’s are one of the principle backers of the Sunni moslems in Iraq and Syria. With 30,000 troops on the border, they could be a great stabilizing force on ISIS, or whatever they are calling themselves now.

    • Jacksonian_Libertarian

      I agree, the Saudi’s are the largest backer of the Sunni Jihadists in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

      • Arkeygeezer

        so, maybe having 30,000 Saudi troops on the border may be a good sign that the Sunni insurrection is going in the right direction. In any event, its 30,000 SAUDI troops; not 30,000 US soldiers and marines.

  • Anthony

    See Robert Kaplan “who was Saddam Hussein” for additional context.

  • hombre111

    American failure to contain the Syrian War? We did so well in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. Just let them do what they will do, whether we intervene–and then leave–or not.

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