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Against Scottish Independence
Pope Adds Voice to Anti-SNP Consensus

On Friday, the Pope added his voice to the growing list of world leaders concerned about Scottish Independence, alongside President Obama, Hilary Clinton, and, a leader of a different sort, J.K. RowlingThe Telegraph reports:

Speaking in an interview with a Spanish newspaper about Catalonia’s conflict with Spain, the Pontiff said “all division” worried him.

He cited Scotland as another example of an independence movement emerging in Europe, before concluding: “There will be cases that are right and ones that are not.”

Pope Francis suggested the break-up of Yugoslavia was justifiable because the peoples and cultures that made up that country were so diverse as to be “completely unconnected”.

But he told the Barcelona-based La Vanguardia newspaper: “I ask myself if things are quite as clear in the other communities that have been together up to now.” The Union between England and Scotland is 307 years old.

If you want to understand why opposition to the SNP is so intense, you can do no better than to read Tom Gallagher’s piece in TAI on the movement.


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  • Pete

    You see, that’s the trouble right there. The pope has no business involving himself in such political matters. The old fool should tend to the spiritual care of his flock — which, by any measure, is a mess, by any measure — and forget about whether or not Scotland should remain in the UK.

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