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Leftist Insurgency
Governor Cuomo Knocked Back by Liberal Activists

Much like in Chicago, the trend away from moderate, centrist Democrats appears to be picking up steam across the country. Case in point: Governor Andrew Cuomo faced raucous leftist party activists at the Working Families Party convention over the weekend and apparently gave way—a stark contrast to the highly choreographed Democratic convention from a week ago that was tailored to show party unity behind Cuomo. The New York Times:

In the end, liberals were exulting in what they believed would be the start of a tectonic shift in New York politics, as the governor agreed to abandon his Republican allies in the State Senate and throw his weight behind electing fellow Democrats. In turn, the Working Families Party agreed to support Mr. Cuomo.

“I believe the world starts to turn now,” Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City told a rollicking crowd at the convention of the Working Families Party, a group of liberal activists and labor unions that had been divided over whether to support the governor’s re-election.

In truth, the whole thing looks more like a stalemate rather than a resounding victory for the left, but it’s another sign that the left wing isn’t going to fade away and let centrists Democrats run the whole show.

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  • S.C. Schwarz

    This is wonderful news. If the leftists come to believe their own propaganda and overreach, as often happens, there may be hope for reasonable governance.

  • Andrew Allison

    Has Cuomo changed his ideology, or is he simply saying what he needs to in order to get re-elected?

  • wigwag

    There is very little reason for any self-respecting Republican to object to Cuomo, he’s a Republican in everything but official party designation. Just about the only issues he disagrees with most Republicans about is that he is pro-choice and pro-gun control. There is not a single other position that he takes on any major issue that main-stream Republicans would find objectionable. He’s opposed fracking so far, but that is merely to appease his Democratic base. He’s virtually sure to approve fracking in upstate New York once he’s safely reelected.

    Call him a Democrat in name only or a Republican masquerading as a Democrat; it doesn’t matter. The one thing that all reasonable people should be able to agree about is that the man is preternaturally creepy.

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