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The New EU Order
Court OKs Fascist Greek Party for EU Election

Despite its numerous attacks on immigrants—and an only recently-suspended requirement that members read Mein Kampf—Greece’s Golden Dawn Party is poised to join the European parliament. A Greek court ruled on Monday that the party’s candidates were free to participate in the EU vote later this month. Recent polls suggest that the far right party could capture as much as 11 percent of the vote and might win two out of the 21 seats reserved for Greeks at the EU parliament. A small representation, but a significant one nonetheless.

Greece’s Golden Dawn has become known for its aggressive parliamentarians, paramilitary squads, Nazi salutes, community organization and welfare programs, and virulent anti-immigrant stance. It is under investigation as a criminal gang and some of its members are suspected of murder. It has 16 lawmakers in Greece’s 300-seat parliament; 12 are under investigation for racist attacks and other violence. Nevertheless, espousing a mixture of nationalism and anti-austerity policies, it has achieved a remarkable level of popularity. Many Greeks respect it for its tough attitude and generous social programs. As one woman told the FT in a neighborhood in west Athens where unemployment has reached 70 percent, “All our extended family will vote for Golden Dawn and so will a lot of other people around here. They were there for us when the state wasn’t helping and neither were any of the other political parties.”

And now Golden Dawn is coming to Europe.

Golden Dawn leads a revival of far right political groups in Europe, the most visible and aggressive of a group of rising parties. Austerity measures imposed on struggling economies like Greece and Spain have led to a strong anti-EU backlash. In Hungary, the far-right, anti-Semitic, anti-Roma Jobbick Party currently enjoys a popularity rating of 21 percent, according to recent polls. “Among those re-elected to office,” reports a former State Department official in the LA Times, “was a Jobbik member of parliament who demanded that the government draw up a list of Jews in official positions because they posed a ‘national security risk.'” Perhaps no country has seen as remarkable a rise of the far right as France. If the upcoming EU elections had been held a month ago, according to a recent poll, the National Front, led by Marine Le Pen, would have won 24 percent of the vote, more than any other party.

The EU election looms in just a few days. If, as expected, far right parties make significant gains, we could be in for some serious pushback against the German-led new EU order.

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  • Breif2

    Any political classification system which places Golden Dawn and the Front National together is flawed.

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