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'Proletarian Candor'
Nork Rhetoric Goes Nuclear

Looks like someone put a little extra soju into the North Korean propaganda department’s coffee over the weekend. The Guardian:

“What Park did before Obama this time reminds one of an indiscreet girl who earnestly begs a gangster to beat someone or a capricious whore who asks her fancy man [pimp] to do harm to other person while providing sex to him,” North Korea’s [Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea] said.


Obama and Park had warned Pyongyang it could face strengthened sanctions if it detonated a fourth nuclear device, after North Korea said it could carry out a new kind of test. Satellite imagery has shown increased activity at a test site.

Those remarks “laid bare her despicable true colours as a wicked sycophant and traitor, a dirty comfort woman for the US and despicable prostitute selling off the nation,” said the CPRK.

It said the trip had shown North Korea was right to have concluded it should deal with the US “by force only, not just talking, and should finally settle accounts with it through an all-out nuclear showdown”.

The Guardian interviewed a North Korean specialist, who linked this rhetoric to the kind of talk favored by Kim Il-Sung in the 1950s and 1960s. Apparently, Kim Jong-un’s liked his rhetoric blue and unvarnished in order to show that he was still of the people—”proletarian candor.”

Bluster coming out of North Korea is nothing new, but this kind of nastiness is remarkable.

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  • Breif2

    You sycophantic warmonger, you have glaringly revealed your true colours! 🙂

    It is unfortunate that the Norks are adopting rhetoric that can be found in any comments section instead of sticking to their special purple bombast. But then, one can’t expect Commies to grok comparative advantage.

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