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Rejoicing of the Revisionists
Is a New Alliance Forming in the East?

Putin’s actions in Ukraine may be pushing Russia closer to China and Iran. A smart piece by Seyed Hossein Mousavian, former Iranian Ambassador to Germany, considers the possibility that an empowered Iran-China-Russia alliance will emerge from the aftermath of the Ukraine crisis. Mousavian predicts that the frost over U.S.-Russia relations will make it extremely difficult for Washington to solicit help from Moscow in its attempts to counter Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. Iran would only be rational to seize this opportunity to warm up to Russia. Meanwhile, Putin may use his leverage with Iran to bargain for less severe sanctions against Russia.

China, meanwhile, historically a staunch anti-interventionist, has taken a surprisingly strong position in support of Russia’s foray into Ukraine. As Beijing expands its military and pushes the boundaries of its own strategic sphere, it is keeping tabs on the West’s response to Crimea. Both Iran and China are carefully gauging just how much the West can be pushed around by Putin, with an eye to their own Golden Eggs, such as Syria and Taiwan.

As the geopolitical fallout from Ukraine unfolds, Iran and China may very well follow the age-old political mantra: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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  • stefanstackhouse

    So I suppose that if China approves of Crimea being split off from Ukraine and annexed to Russia, then they would be OK with Japan re-annexing “Formosa” (which it has just about as good a claim to as Russia had toward Crimea)? Or maybe India annexing Tibet? Or Mongolia annexing Inner Mongolia?

  • Andrew Allison

    This is a very shallow analysis. The West has shown itself to be impotent in the Ukraine, and everybody and his brother should be expected to try and take advantage. However, the prospect of China and Russia, both of which have very serious internal Muslim problems, aligning themselves with Iran is, to say the least, far-fetched.

    • rheddles

      China and Russia’s muslims are Sunni. Iran is Shia. An alliance is as far fetched as an alliance between the Soviet Union and the Third Reich.

      • Jim__L

        A non-aggression pact, then?

        History is full of strange bedfellows.

  • Corlyss

    I can’t wait to hear what honorable ViaMeadia thinks of Mrs. Obama and daughters toddling off to China for an official state visit, now, with China and Russia becoming the new Axis of Aggressive Totalitarianism and working in tandem to destabilize the international order we are so willing to abandon. Maybe she’s going to ask them to deal kindly with us, as with a senile relative who has lavished money on them.

    • B-Sabre

      Guess we’ll never know, since the media has been shut out of what has been billed as a “personal trip.”

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