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Outmaneuvered Again
Russia Kicks More Sand in Kerry's Face at Syria Talks

The Syria talks are close to failing after Russian negotiators explicitly refused to discuss the prospect of removing Butcher Assad from the Syrian government. Already embarassingly close to achieving next to nothing, the talks are in danger of ending if UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi deems it “useless” to continue, the WSJ reports:

Although many doubted the talks would yield an end to the war, Russia’s position could spell the end of the talks, which have so far achieved only a modest measure of cooperation in providing aid to civilians in the besieged city of Homs. The person close to the talks said he didn’t expect Mr. Brahimi to summon the sides back to Geneva for a third round of negotiations.

Looks like the Russians aren’t even pretending to be nice anymore. The United States doesn’t seem to have much leverage at the talks, and Russia can continue to supply the Assad regime with the weapons and time it needs to stay in control of the civil war. Indeed, even as the “peace talks” are going on in Geneva, Assad’s army is dropping barrel bombs in Aleppo, reportedly killing scores of civilians, and making advances against disorganized rebel forces across the country. All around the Middle East, Russia’s diplomats looks stronger and more astute than do those of the Obama Administration.

Look for a weekend essay in the Wall Street Journal on this subject by WRM. We’ll put a link in the feed as soon as the essay goes live.

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  • Anthony

    See TAI Adam Garfinkle’s essays on Syria/Middle East/ U.S. Diplomacy.

  • Kavanna

    See Aurel Brown’s TAI essay on Putin and Russian decline. It is an empire in accelerating collapse.

    But that makes the failures of Obama, Kerry, et al. all the more astounding. Perhaps there’s “magical thinking” going on here in the US — after all, doesn’t that describe our political class and its continuing abject attachment to the empty suit in the White House? Its rah-rah cheerleading of a slow-growing economy with inadequate job and capital formation? Wall Street’s sell side obsession with peddling overpriced stocks to gullible and confused investors? Its distracting of people’s attention from the slow-motion implosion of Obamacare? Its alternate ignoring of the outside world, then making absurd claims about Obama’s supposed diplomatic genius?

    • Syricide

      Russia’s decline? Hilarious! US Cities are going broke

  • Syricide

    Funniest 3 paragraphs I have read in while. Neocon redneck we-rule-the-world-and-dont-you-forget-it horse shit. Staggering to think that a lot of American’s think they are the world’s policeman and are really convinced they are rightful moral arbiters on the world despite the fact that USA is solely responsible for more death and destruction since WW2 than any other nation. FACT.

    Creeping economic implosion is facilitating the demise of US Empire.
    You might as well sit down and fill your face full of popcorn and enjoy the show.

    • Tom

      I’m not sure what article you thought you were reading, but all I got from this was that Russia is riding roughshod over the United States.

  • John Stephens

    Punks get punked.

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