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Americans, MSM Questioning Obama's Ability to Lead


More Americans are doubting not only President Obama’s integrity, but also his basic competence. The Hill reports:

According to a CNN/ORC international poll released Monday, 40 percent said they believe Obama can manage the federal government effectively. That’s a 12-percentage-point-drop since June, and the worst score he received among nine personal characteristics measured in the poll.…

The poll found 53 percent said Obama is neither honest nor trustworthy—the first time a majority has held those views.

The reasons for this slide aren’t difficult to infer: in light of Obamacare’s disastrous rollout, the administration’s lavish promises in selling the law seem dishonest at best, delusional at worst. Obama’s critics have long faulted him for lack of managerial experience outside of running campaigns, a charge that has gained currency with recent revelations of White House dysfunction.

The administration is likely to be the target of invasive media criticism and mainstream disapproval for some time, if this damning report in the NYT is any indication:

The prime contractor, CGI Federal, had long before concluded that the administration was blindly enamored of an unrealistic goal….The online exchange was crippled, people involved with building it said in recent interviews, because of a huge gap between the administration’s grand hopes and the practicalities of building a website that could function on opening day.

CGI and other contractors complained of endlessly shifting requirements and a government decision-making process so cumbersome that it took weeks to resolve elementary questions, such as determining whether users should be required to provide Social Security numbers. Some CGI software engineers ultimately walked out, saying it was impossible to produce good work under such conditions.

The MSM has long been committed to this president’s success, but reporters are starting to smell blood. There are Pulitzers to be won by looking behind all the closed doors that have largely been ignored over the past five years. Worse still for the White House, the MSM and its ideological compatriots in the blue model base are starting to feel betrayed by this president. It was always unreasonable to invest such grandiose hope—and their own professional fortunes—in the administration of an untested leader. But Obama’s old allies are more likely to look on the White House with a jaundiced eye than to feel much chagrin about their own misjudgment.

President Obama’s bungling of his signature legislative achievement is alienating his base in a big way. He can’t count on rapt reviews by a fawning press to come to his aid this time.

[Photo of President Obama courtesy Getty Images.]

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  • Bruce

    There are no Pulitzers to be won investigating a liberal/Marxist president. That is a bit naïve on VM’s part. A significant percentage of the population already knew Obama was untrustworthy prior to Obamacare. It’s the low information crowd that is finally starting to figure it out based on this Obamacare ineptitude. Even if the web site had worked, the law was always going to be a disaster, but it might have taken the low info crowd a while longer to figure it out. But once Leno and Letterman started skewering Obama because of the web site, he was toasted with the low infos.

    • Corlyss

      “That is a bit naïve on VM’s part.”

      That’s becoming a hallmark of VM posts. I don’t know whether WRM has turned the corner over to the playpen set or he’s experiencing a genuine loss of perspective. Increasingly the posts lack the penetrating analysis refreshingly skeptical of the academic and cloying COFR mindsets that used to characterize his work. Now he sounds like just another disillusioned Progressive.

      • Andrew Allison

        Corlyss, I think that you are being a bit unfair. First, my buddy Bruce is wrong in suggesting that, “There are no Pulitzers . . .”. Hell hath no fury like a sycophant embarrassed. And, while a significant percentage of the population indeed knew that Obama was untrustworthy, a majority voted for him, twice. This says more about the voters than anything else.

        The problem at VM (and I agree that there is one0 may be that the young, idealistic, and hence intrinsically left-leaning Interns need better oversight.

        • Corlyss

          I thought I was agreeing with Bruce about the naiveté. I’ve been saying for 5 years the voters are to blame for following the Dear Leader/Pied Piper down the garden path. Agree too that if the interns are spewing this crap here, they need better supervision. I’m a partisan. It’s not my job to be “fair.” There’s not enough people holding the intellectual class to better standards than they set for themselves. The nation is in a bad fix; now is no time to sit on some theoretical fence where you get to hang back and talk about “on the one hand” “on the other hand” and praise yourself for your objectivity and neutrality. Neutrality in times like this is cowardice. It’s time to pick sides for the good of the country.

      • Bruce

        VM seems to take great strides to appear “fair,” when it often is not fairness but naivete. I don’t think WRM wants to be seen as doctrinaire so he and the interns sometimes cushion the analysis. Despite these occasional lapses, I find it to be a great, thought-provoking blog.

        • Andrew Allison

          I beg to differ. ASOB

        • Corlyss

          I agree. See my response to our esteemed colleague Andrew above.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “He can’t count on rapt reviews by a fawning press to come to his aid this time.”

    Please, the leftist MSM isn’t going to change direction on a dime. They are still going to offer the leftist cocoon, insulation from reality. Obama isn’t going to get treated like a Republican, or a TEA Party conservative, and especially not like they treat Sarah Palin.

    • Corlyss

      It isn’t going to change direction, period. Why are the MSM upset with Dear Leader now? Because he failed to realize his uberleftie goals and promises. The MSM wouldn’t recognize national interest if it jumped up and smacked their iPhones out of their hands.

  • AD_Rtr_OS

    If Walter Duranty deserved a Pulitzer for his lies about Stalin and the Soviets, I suppose one or two of the hacks that populate DC can count on an award for some superficial expose’ about The Lightworker.

  • Anthony

    WRM, you summed it up in next to last paragraph: “it was always unreasonable to invest such grandiose hope” – especially since reformers are no less selfish than special interest groups (even if their intentions are commendable, their judgments as to feasibility and fairness may be potentially qustionable).

  • Boritz

    Americans, MSM Questioning Obama’s Ability to Lead – VM
    For the MSM “lead” = further the liberal agenda.
    Everything else can go straight into the toilet with no concern.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    It’s safe to criticize Obama now since he never needs to run for election again. And criticism now enables the MSM to congratulate themselves on their “objectivity..” Nethertheless, as 2014 approaches, you can be sure the MSM, led by the NY Times, will line up obediently behind the democratic party.

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