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Bo Xilai Supporters Defy Communist Leaders, Set Up New Party


Even from prison Bo Xilai still wields influence. The former Communist Party leader was jailed for corruption and bribery two months ago, but his former supporters, boldly defying the Communist Party, have set up a new party and named Bo “chairman for life.”

Members of the new party call it the Zhi Xian Party: “the constitution is the supreme authority” party. It’s not clear yet how many members they have, nor how influential those members are, and a founder who spoke to Reuters, a professor at a Beijing University, seems a little unclear about the legality and advisability of what she is doing.  “This is not illegal under Chinese law. It is legal and reasonable,” she said. In practice, political parties are banned in China and naming a shamed former official who is serving a life sentence in prison as chairman may not be the smartest career choice.

Nevertheless, that the Zhi Xian party exists is a testament to Bo Xilai’s enduring influence and the popularity of some of his ideas. The party “fully agrees with Mr Bo Xilai’s common prosperity,” according to its charter, and aims to carry on with Bo’s leftist, populist, Maoist revival. Bo Xilai himself might be safely stashed away for the foreseeable future, but his ideas still resonate. China is changing dramatically and as time goes on the leaders of the Communist Party are going to have to manage a variety of different threats to the system. Wether they can maintain one party control is going to become a harder and harder task.

[Bo Xilai at the opening session of the National People’s Congress in March 2012, courtesy Getty Images]

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  • teapartydoc

    The next dictator of China will probably be more destructive than Mao.

  • bannedforselfcensorship

    I believe even the KMT was never banned in China, and few people who already were damaged goods, politically, were members.

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