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Jerusalem Incensed Over White House Leak

Israeli PM Netanyahu Meets With President Obama At White House

News broke just before the weekend of yet another leak emanating from the White House, this time identifying Israel as responsible for air strikes on a Syrian military base last Wednesday intended to disrupt a weapons delivery to Hezbollah. According to the Times of Israel, Jerusalem is furious:

Israel’s Channel 10 TV on Friday night quoted Israeli officials branding the American leak as “scandalous.” For Israel’s ally to be acting in this way was “unthinkable,” the officials were quoted as saying. […]

Channel 2′s military analyst, Roni Daniel, said the Obama administration’s behavior in leaking the information was unfathomable. […]

Daniel noted that by keeping silent on whether it carried out such attacks, Israel was maintaining plausible deniability, so that Syria’s President Bashar Assad did not feel pressured to respond to the attacks.

But the US leaks “are pushing Assad closer to the point where he can’t swallow these attacks, and will respond.”

Sloppy. Israeli officials already worried that any White House negotiations with Iran could yield a less-than-robust nuclear deal. This kind of leaking can only further encourage the Israelis to think that their security is not a top priority for this administration.

Secretary of State John Kerry is currently in Saudi Arabia doing his best to mend ties there, and is headed for Israel next. Will he be able to soothe Jerusalem’s ire?

[Image: U.S. President Barack Obama (R) speaks while Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu listens during a meeting in the Oval Office, September 30, 2013 in Washington, DC. President Obama was meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister to discuss the situation in Syria and Iran; courtesy Getty.]

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  • Mark Michael

    The more I see of Obama’s foreign policy, the more I think the unthinkable: The description of his lengthy background with the small community of American closet socialists – as probably best documented by Stanley Kurtz’s book “Radical-in-Chief: The Untold Story of American Socialism” – reflects the real Obama. He really would like to see our foreign policy change in the direction those closet socialists want it to change. Well, if he could get away with it without worrying about/triggering serious political blowback.

    Examples: he really was steamed about the Egyptian military removing Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi from the presidency. His withholding military aid reflects that and clearly upset both the Egyptians and Saudis. (The long-time agreement from the late 1970s Camp David Peace Accords included this kind of “bribe,” as problematic as I might find it 35 years later.) He’s given numerous signals that American Muslims of various stripe are “victim groups” deserving affirmative action. He’s been giving the Israelis the back of his hand repeatedly since he took office; the above post documents just the latest example. His “soft on the Iranian Mullahs” position is well-known, much to the consternation of Israel, the Saudis, and our other Persian Gulf allies. In this hemisphere, he’s been soft on the Cubans, Nicaraguans, Ecuadorians, Bolivians, Brazilians – all with their tedious leftist “anti-Yankee” governments. Then there’s the U.K. and removing the bust of Churchill from the Oval Office, seeing the U.K. (and now France) get stiffed in his erratic, meandering foreign policy direction for the Middle East and Africa. Victor Davis Hanson, Andrew Klavan, and Roger L. Simon all have written columns wondering what gives with him – and by extension, his advisors, and the entire Democratic Party foreign policy elite.

  • Corlyss

    Was there anyone on the planet who DIDN’T know it was Israel that struck the Syrian base? Seriously?

    • f1b0nacc1

      Much as I despise this administration, this is really along the lines of Inspector Reynaud’s objection (“I am shocked, SHOCKED, that gambling is going on here”)…

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