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Castro's Culture War


After sixty years of socialist revolution in Cuba, it appears that the proletariat still prefer vile capitalist entertainment to socially uplifting official films. Raul Castro is having none of it. He sent out a decree shutting down scores of private movie and video game parlors run out of the backs of officially-sanctioned restaurants. The BBC:

“Cinematic exhibition (including 3D rooms) and computer games will cease immediately in whatever kind of private business activity,” read a government announcement in the state-run newspaper Granma. […]

There had been hints this crackdown was coming. Cuban Culture Ministry officials talked of the “banality” and “frivolity” of films on offer, mostly produced in America, and out of line, they complained, with the cultural policy of the revolution.

Via Meadia sees a clear and obvious solution to this pesky problem: close down the theaters for another sixty years! By then, human nature will have changed, and socially uplifting cinema will reign supreme.

[Photo of Raul Castro courtesy Getty Images.]

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  • Reticulator

    He ought to let them watch some Russian films from the 80s. There is more of Adam Smith in Vokzal dlya dvoikh (1982) than in any American capitalist film I’ve seen. Or Osseniy Marafon (1979) which casts a light (a gentle light, but a light just the same) on corruption in the socialist literary world. Socialist films subversive of socialist conformity would include Тот самый Мюнхгаузен (That Very Munchausen, 1979).

    I presume it’s out of the question for him to allow Pokayanie (Repentance). 1984. That one was not allowed to be distributed and shown until Perestroika was a little further along. But another good film from the Perestroika era is Forgotten Melody for the Flute (1987), by the same Eldar Ryazanov who had made Vokzal dlya dvoikh pre-Perestroika. That one exposes the world of ObamaCare, even before ObamaCare happened.

    And there are others. All we need to tell Raul is that these aren’t capitalist films.

  • Fat_Man

    It is too bad that the State Department and the White House are under the control of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

    Unlike the Middle East, Cuba is part of the US home territory. A rational foreign policy would aim to send the Castro Brothers to an old folks home, and to re-organize Cuba as a liberal capitalist democracy.

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