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The War That Must Not Be Named Needs More Troops

The Lord Voldemort war has escalated again, this time in Somalia. The UN-backed Somalian government is faltering under mounting pressure from Islamic insurgents, and now UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says it needs thousands of additional troops to help it fight off the threat. The WaPo reports:

In a letter to the U.N. Security Council, Ban urged member nations to provide the African Union Mission in Somalia with financial and military support, including attack helicopters and advanced logistical and intelligence equipment. He warned that there was an urgent need to strengthen the military campaign against al-Shabab, a Somali militant group linked to al-Qaeda, and to “avoid further reversals.”…

Ban is calling for as many as 4,400 additional troops and support staff for a period of up to two years, and for a limited package of nonlethal support — including transportation, food rations and fuel — for 10,000 front-line Somali troops….

The military gains of the past two years are “at a serious risk of being reversed,” according to the report. Al-Shabab’s force “is estimated in the thousands and is increasing through forced recruitment.” If it is not stopped, the document warns, “Al Shabab is likely to expand its targets beyond Somalia.”

Ban’s call for a troop surge is another sign that the African front in the terror war is becoming more serious. From Mali, Nigeria and Central African Republic in the west to Somalia in the east, countries across the continent are committing more resources to counter jihadi groups, and still struggling to defeat them. The war is not going well at the moment.

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  • lukelea

    On the African front? This war has no fronts. It’s not even a war. More like a forward police operation. Maybe too forward.

  • Corlyss

    Good luck with that, Mr. Secretary General. Let us know who responds to your 911 call . . . we might need them too.

  • Parker O’Brien

    Always crack a smile at the ‘War that must not be named’ meme. Too fitting.

  • USNK2

    Blackhawk Down was twenty years ago.
    Not sure it is fair to think of Somalia as the same situation as Mali, CAR, or Nigeria.

    Maybe it’s time to build a wall around Mogadishu for Al Shabab, and a naval blockade.

  • nb

    Not entirely true to say ‘things are not going well’, right? The French seem to have done pretty well kicking the Islamic terrorists out of Mali, with the warm support of most of the population. Just keep mowing the buggers down while winning hearts and minds … we will win in the end.

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