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India Builds World's First "Baby Factory"


Metro UK reports on a new centralized facility to house Indian women bearing children for wealthy Westerners:

The multi-million-pound complex—which will have a gift shop and hotel rooms for people coming to collect newborns—is being built in India by controversial doctor Nayna Patel.

One floor will be home to the surrogates, who make babies for a fee as a way of escaping extreme poverty.

They will be impregnated using sperm and embryos sent by courier, with childless couples often visiting India only to pick up their new son or daughter.

Some find the exploitation angle here especially malodorous: Patel finds poor Indian women and pays them £4,950 for womb rental, while charging the couples using the surrogates £28,000.

In that light, what makes this story especially chilling is that it’s a sign of the institutionalization of exploitation. We’re not talking about individual cases here, but surrogacy on an industrial scale—prettifying baby commerce with a multimillion-dollar complex, amenities, and luxury accommodations for wealthy patrons.

[Image of Surrogate from Shutterstock]

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  • chasrmartin

    Okay, I give up. What’s “chilling” about this? They’re being paid £4950, room and board, and we presume good medical and prenatal care. They’re doing something you don’t seem to object to when done individually. They’re doing it within a structure that isn’t going to do well unless they’re well taken care of and provide healthy babies. I don’t get your objection.

  • Vadim Pashkov

    Apparently WR thinks that working at the factory for 1$/hour is not” institutionalized exploitation”

    • Corlyss

      It isn’t exploitation if the average pay for the area or class is $1/week.

      • Vadim Pashkov

        1$/hour is exploitation because food prices in India apr 1/2 of US prices

  • Corlyss

    Let’s see how long it takes the UN to trot out one of their Xeroxed conventions declaring this a crime against humanity.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Institutionalized outrage in 3….2….1…

  • Andrew Allison

    IMO, VM is way off-base on this issue. Many American women rent out their bodies, some of them even to carry babies. I suspect that Indian women are lining up for the opportunity, which certainly beats working in a sweat-shop or not at all.

  • jeburke

    I’m with VM on this. So-called surrogacy on an industrial scale is just one degree of creepy removed from the manufacture of babies to order. Commenters who shrug at this should be assigned to read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

  • Anthony

    How is this any different from working in a sweat shop?

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