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China Jealous of America's Growing Team in Game of Thrones


China isn’t too pleased about America’s and Japan’s cozying up to one another in recent weeks.

Last week, the US and Japan signed a treaty creating a missile defense system in Japan and boosting the US presence in Japanese bases. On Friday, representatives of both countries (along with Australia) met in Bali, where they brought up the issue of territorial disputes in the East China Sea. China, clearly concerned about the prospect of three of the largest Pacific powers joining together in these disputes, urged the three countries to back away from the topic. Reuters reports:

“The United States, Japan and Australia are allies but this should not become an excuse to interfere in territorial disputes, otherwise it will only make the problems more complicated and harm the interests of all parties,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Monday.

“We urge the relevant countries to respect facts, distinguish right from wrong, be cautious, and stop all words and deeds that are not beneficial to the proper handling of the issue and undermine regional stability,” she said in comments on the ministry website.

The territorial disputes in the China seas remain some of the most volatile in the world, and the alliance forming along China’s perimeter is only getting stronger, with America as a key player. The media may be consumed with shutdown fever, but the pivot to Asia is far from over.

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  • qet

    I like these moves, or at least what they appear to be, and thus probably have to walk back a little my earlier statements about the FP incompetence of this Administration. However, I can’t resist observing that since 1980, Republican administrations have offered and sent missile defense systems to European nations, which provoked the USSR/Russia, which led to liberals decrying such provocations as typical archaic militarist imperialist right-wing stupidity. Now that a Democratic administration is doing the same thing in Asia via-a-vis China, I am not seeing the daily broadsides from the MSM that I used to.

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