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Paging BDS

Don’t look now, but Egypt is causing widespread suffering among Gaza’s Palestinians:

As part of a crackdown against Sinai militants, Egypt’s military-led government destroyed at least 40 smuggling tunnels over the last two weeks, according to officials in the Gaza Strip.

The move has exacerbated shortages in Gaza of construction materials and cheap Egyptian-produced gasoline, which are the primary products delivered through the tunnels.

Arab oppression of Palestinians is now affecting 60 percent of Gaza trade. Clearly it’s time for the BDS movement to call for sanctions and boycott against the evil, Palestinian-oppressing Arabs of Egypt and their allies in Saudi Arabia.

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

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  • Pete

    In a relatively short time, the Palestinians could improve their standard living so significantly if only they would make a meaningful peace with Israel.

    But they won’t. Their hate & envy blind them. So be it.

    • Corlyss

      The fact is they are as dumb and impotent as any tool of bigger more powerful forces. Their Arab “brothers” identified them 70 years ago as useful canon fodder. That’s their only purpose. If any of them tried to make peace with Israel, they’d be eliminated quickly and surely. They are more to be pitied than anything else, but I’m not interested in helping them. At this late date, they probably realize their destiny is endless poverty and death until the more powerful forces relent.

  • Michael Shorts

    I thought that BDS was Bush Derangement Syndrome.

    • Corlyss

      It is. He’s being ironic, as in, where’s the outrage from the usual human rights whiners, who were in the forefront of the anti-American, anti-Bush hysteria?

      • f1b0nacc1

        Actually BDS (in this case) refers to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, a group of the professionally outraged who are trying to target Israel because they do mean things to our little brown brothers….

        • Corlyss

          Thanks for setting me straight. I didn’t realize they had risen to the status of having their own label.

  • Richard Tasgal

    The quoted report is a little misleading on the reason that Egyptian gas is cheaper. A better description would be Egyptian-subsidized gas. The gas that the Palestians get via Israel is simply at the world price.

  • Fat_Man

    My plan is simple. Let the Copts move to Gaza, and send the the “Palestinians” (really Muslim Arabs) take their place in Egypt. The same plan can be used in the West Bank. Send Syrian Christians to the West bank and the West Bank “Palestinians” to Syria.

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