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Maduro Blames Saboteurs For Venezuela's Mounting Problems


Who’s to blame for the massive blackout in Venezuela last week that left more than half the country without power? Shady saboteurs, enemies of Hugo Chavez, and American spies, of course, the same people who were responsible for a huge blast at an oil refinery last year that killed 40 people. According to Nicolas Maduro, Chavez’s heir, nearly all the country’s problems are the fault of opposition politicians and nefarious schemes hatched in secret meetings at the White House.

Stalin used to call them “wreckers and saboteurs,” and killed millions in his mass repression. Venezuela’s tinpot tyrants probably lack the drive (and the organizational skills) to do that much damage. But as Venezuelan socialism continually undermines what is left of the country’s economy,  the flummoxed regime resorts to blaming mysterious enemies for every problem.

What Maduro doesn’t understand—or won’t admit publicly—is this: if the US really were the Chomskyan anti-hero of global lefty imagination, its obvious move would be simply to leave Venezuela’s socialists twisting in the wind. It would serve as a chilling example of socialism’s ills. If oil-rich Venezuelans fumble in the dark as their economy tanks and their power grid withers away, what would happen to citizens in less favored lands under the “blessings” of socialist rule?

No paranoid conspiracy theory he pushes is as deadly as the real truth: Maduro’s Venezuela is the capitalist’s best friend. It’s a living warning to everyone around the world (except, apparently, Sean Penn) that the road to hell is paved with the good intentions of socialist intellectuals, and decorated by billboards featuring revolutionary slogans and accusations against saboteurs.

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  • bigfire

    Good Intention? I thought the currently Regime in Venezuela view power as an end to itself and everything else secondary?

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Yeah! That’s what I say. The Blue Model is the road to ruin, so let’s get off this bus, down with Obamacare, put an end to Welfare, get rid of Subsidies, cut government to the bone. Only when this Socialist burden has been lifted, will the energy, and creativity of a free people be released, and the American people explode into the future.

    • bpuharic

      Yeah let’s get back to the right wing nazi model so beloved of Wall Street.

      Pathetic. Truly. The use of ‘socialist’ by the right, like the use of ‘nazi’ by the left, is evidence of brain death.

      • Tom

        So, why should we listen to you?

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