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Harrowing Tales of Christian Persecution in Egypt

steliasinqusayr Reports of anti-Christian violence have been filtering out of Egypt for weeks now, but a new report by the Human Right’s Commission paints a comprehensive picture of the persecution. At least 37 churches have been burned or damaged, and survivors of some of the attacks have harrowing tales to tell:

Another Dalga resident, Sameer Lamie, 31, told Human Rights Watch that a crowd of men gathered outside his home before 9 a.m. A group of armed men eventually broke down his door and entered his house. He said the men shot his cousin Iskandar Doss twice, while Lamie, his mother, and Doss’s wife and daughter-in-law escaped by climbing to the roof. Lamie said the attackers fired birdshot at him, hitting him in his side with 13 pellets, and they hit his mother with a pellet under her eye. Lamie said he learned later that Doss died of his wounds. He said that no security forces or police arrived during the attack.

The world community is finally waking up to the persecution Christians face in Egypt; we only hope it will also wake up to the full scope of the problem. Egypt is only one part of a much larger ramp-up in religious violence in recent years, and the violence isn’t confined to Islamic countries. Hindus persecute Christians in India; Buddhists massacre Muslims in Burma; anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe. We are seeing a full-on global flareup of religious, nationalistic, and ethnic tensions (the three cannot be separated in many of these cases). It’s time to take this trend as a whole seriously; American policy will have to respond.

[Image of Saint Elias church in Qusayr courtesy Getty Images]

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  • Corlyss

    We will wait in vain for a spirited defense for Obama, or any of the Western nations. They have a new religion: the state. What isn’t actively hostile to any expression of Judeo-Christian faith is completely indifferent. Just hope the Copts have access to AK-47s, ’cause ain’t no one gonna help them but themselves.

    • bpuharic

      And how did the right wing establishment of democracy in Iraq work out for Christians there?

      Oh…it led to massive persecution

      Never mind…mission accomplished

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    In lawless areas, it is best to prepare to defend yourself and your loved ones. I recommend semi-automatic shot guns and shooting first, as you never want the attackers to get into your house, so shoot them while they are still in the street. Poorly led mobs will melt away, and go look for easier victims, in the face of determined resistance, so aim for the leaders.

    • bpuharic

      Yeah all those suicide bombers sure are gonna be deterred by an Arab 2nd amendment, aren’t they?

  • Jim__L

    How’s this for a functional diversity policy… “People are going to have different ideas than you do, find a constructive way to deal with it.”

    Yeah, yeah. Still searching.

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