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The Wages of Socialism in Venezuela


Latest news from Venezuela: marauding thugs are running around the country cutting women’s hair at gunpoint in order to resell it to salons for use in hair extensions and wigs. Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro is having none of it:

Mr Maduro used strong language against what he called “mafias that cut girls’ hair”.

Speaking at the inauguration of a train station in the capital Caracas, he said the government would guarantee that the thieves would be caught.

We’re reminded of another story that crossed our screens earlier today, this one much older: via Quartz, apparently the sale of soy sauce made from human hair was banned in China in the middle of the last decade after it was revealed that some enterprising folks were producing it for export.

A nasty, hairy business, this socialism.

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  • tarentius

    Maybe Maduro should spend less time sleeping in Hugo Chavez’s mausoleum communicating with his desiccated body and more time on the streets with his fellow bus drivers tracking down these “mafias.”

  • bigfire

    All part of the plan. Maduro is continuing Hugo’s grand plan of destroying the country ala Bob Mugabee’s playbook.

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