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Both Parties Smear Green Lipstick on Pigs


It’s not just the left that’s keen on promoting nascent green technologies; Republicans in farm states apparently love renewables, as long as they come with jobs for their constituents. The WSJ reports:

There is no federal requirement to use renewable energy, so the wind and solar industries rely on states to help them take market share from traditional fuels such as coal, natural gas and nuclear power.

In the Republican-controlled Kansas legislature, a bill delaying renewable-energy requirements failed to pass either chamber. Local manufacturers of wind-turbine parts joined farmers—who see revenue possibilities from leasing land to wind farmers—in pushing Republicans to leave the policy alone. In Texas, another GOP-dominated state where the wind industry has built significant capacity, a bill to eliminate the state mandate was left sitting in committee.

Rep. John Hager, Majority Whip in the Republican-led North Carolina House, explained to the WSJ why the state’s now Republican-dominated government has rejected efforts to repeal renewable energy requirements: “It’s hard to be conservative when it affects your district.”

Pigs smeared with green lipstick are a different kind of pork than what we’re conditioned to expect from politicians, but apparently the practice is attractive regardless of ideology or party.

While we’re happy to leave the question of green energy up to the states, which have more intimate knowledge of their own natural resources than the federal government, it’s worth noting that the green jobs unicorn being chased by state legislators has, to this point, remained a mythical creature. Just ask Germany about what happens when electricity prices go up and the jobs don’t appear.

[Broken solar panel image courtesy of Getty Images]

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  • TheCynical1

    Republicans oppose liberal schemes, except when they don’t.

  • Ooga Booga

    Republicans hypocritical on pork? Who’d have thunk?

  • Fat_Man

    Put not your trust in princes.

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