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US Leads Surprising List of Top Countries for FDI


The US moved back to the top spot on a list of the best places for foreign direct investment, according to the consulting firm A.T. Kearney. In its annual survey of more than 300 executives at companies worldwide, the US narrowly beat out China, which was previously number one.

Other countries on the top ten list are worth mentioning. Canada jumped to number four from number 20, partly as a result of the expansion of oil and gas projects like the vast tar sands operation in Alberta. India slipped from number two to number five; its business climate has been worsening and foreign firms have taken a beating this year. Mexico lept to number nine on the list; it didn’t even feature in the survey at all last year. Investors seem to be keen on our neighbor to the south, betting that the new administration can do a better job with the cartel problem and drug violence and make important reforms to the education system and energy sector.

That the US retook the top spot from China suggests that investors are cooling on the world’s second largest economy, preferring instead the security and promise of the American economy. In general, serious internal conflicts have appeared and wages and other costs have risen in the once-booming Asian economies, while the US, for all its problems, has once again become an attractive investment.

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  • bpuharic

    Good God! The country run by the socialist/marxist/Kenyan Muslim beat out the Chinese. Wonder how this will be spun by the right

    • ojfl

      The tallest midget in the room bpuharic? Of the entire group highlighted here only Canada seems to be doing better than the US and look at how they leapt from 20th to 4th in the rank. So it is not that the US is doing better but that the others are doing worse. Just read the article above.

      • bpuharic

        The others are doing worse? By definition that means we’re doing better.

        Not bad for the socialist, eh?

        • ojfl

          So by your logic bpuharic, if a patient is bleeding half a pint of blood while others are bleeding three quarters of a pint, it means the former is doing much better.

  • Atanu Maulik

    What a difference a few years can make. In
    2009 at the depth of the US financial crisis, a lot of people (not me,
    but those with insufficient knowledge of how the world works) thought
    that the era of US is over and a new world order beacons.
    But all the pretensions of all other contenders to the throne are
    steadily being blown away. China has just hit a wall and is about to
    crash and burn. EUrocrats are realizing that they are not as smart as
    they once thought they were. Uppity leaders from India to Brazil to
    Turkey are suddenly finding out that they had gotten a bit too ahead of
    themselves and the road to great powerdom can be quite bumpy. Amidst all
    the wreckage one nation is standing tall, United States of America

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