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Chinese Game Lets Players Invade Japan, Kill Japanese Online

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The nationalist, party-owned newspaper Global Times recently launched an online video game called “Recover the Diayou Islands” that allows players to fight against Japanese ships and planes and invade Japanese territory. (You can play the game here.)

Dramatic music plays in the background. “The Chinese nation’s determination to protect the Diaoyu Islands is unwavering!” reads the game’s introduction, according to the South China Morning Post. “The player is then put in charge of a Chinese navy vessel that has to avoid being hit by Japanese fighter jets, destroyers, submarines and mines to reached the promised, yet uninhabitable, land.”

If, in the game, you hit the space bar, some kind of nuclear or huge bomb attack kills all Japanese enemies on your screen. “According to its own rankings, the game has been played at least six million times,” reports the SCMP.

So far, there hasn’t been an official response from Tokyo, nor has the game gotten much attention in the Japanese press. Perhaps it will stay that way; then again, perhaps it will become yet another sticking point in the already fraught and tense relationship between the world’s second- and third-largest economies. As the games news site Kotaku comments, “In their zealotry to create an anti-Japanese game Global Times forgot the all-time rule of Chinese Red Games—the People’s Liberation Army can not lose.”

[Image screenshot from Recover the Diayou Islands game]

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