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Published on: May 17, 2013
What Did Israel’s Bombing of Syria Mean?
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  • WigWag

    “White House spokesman Josh Earnest curtly put it in answer to a question, “we’re in very close touch” with Israel “on a range of issues.” Very little mention has been made of the U.S. reaction here, but for those in the region the silence was deafening. Administration signals are either all over the place or no place at all on Syria, Iran, Russia, the IRS, the Justice Department AP caper, pending immigration reform legislation and more besides; but on Israel the signals are consistent and unmistakable.” ( Adam Garfinkle)

    Is this another example of the new Obama Doctrine entitled “Leading from Behind?”

  • Lorenz Gude

    It seems to me that the Sunnis, if they succeed will butcher the Alawis as a matter of priority and not be in any mood to tolerate the Druze or the Christians. Do all these people flee to Lebanon or try to? Or can Assad maintain an enclave effectively? I know no one knows the answers to these questions, but in some ways the current deadlock seems remaining in place seems better than outright victory by either side.

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