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Detroit Sinks to New Low


We all knew Detroit had it bad, but we had no idea it was this bad.

Today DC bankruptcy lawyer Kevyn Orr, appointed by the state as Detroit’s emergency manager, issued a report to the state treasurer detailing the city’s growing costs and dwindling revenue totaling more than $15 billion in debts and long-term liabilities. Bloomberg reports:

Detroit’s long-term obligations are at least $15.7 billion, including unfunded pension and retirement benefits. The general fund this fiscal year, with revenue of about $1.1 billion, will pay about $461 million for debt and health costs, according to the report.

All the city’s revenue couldn’t pay off its debt in 20 years, said Bill Nowling, a spokesman for Orr.

“If we don’t change and restructure, we are going to run out of cash,” he said yesterday by telephone. “That shouldn’t come as a shock to anybody.”

Every year the pundits and experts predict that Detroit has finally hit rock bottom; every year the Motor City does something to prove them wrong. In addition to unsustainable finances, the city government is a sinkhole of corruption and incompetence. It’s almost as if a gang of criminals, operating under the colors of an indifferent national political party, have been running the city for decades.

This may be a less dramatic scandal than factory fires in places like Bangladesh, but its cumulative impact is more destructive.

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  • Marty Keller

    Curious, as you imply, that neither the state nor national Democrat leadership has had anything to say about their party’s stewardship of my poor old home town. Perhaps a hidden current of shame is still possible? Nah.

    • Rich K

      Walter is a D party affiliate so he get queasy talking trash about them.

    • John Morris

      There is no shame. What happened in Detroit and the other blue bastions isn’t a mistake. It is the plan. The plan they have for all of us.

      Only a defeated, desperate people can be scared into taking the leap of faith all the way to socialism. Think I’m too cynical? Show me a counter example. Lots of European welfare states a little farther along the line than us, but they keep pulling back from the abyss. Our enemy understands the problem, hs understood for a long time. We won’t jump over the cliff willingly, we have to be pushed.

      • Jim Luebke

        Never attribute to malice what can be sufficiently explained by incompetence.

        • John Morris

          That rule has limits. At some point you have to conclude that the level of weapons grade stupid you are being asked to assume is so great that malice is actually the simpler explanation.

          Progressives are better explained by malice than stupidity.

          It has been how long now? We have tried these progressive experiments how long? We have seen the results in painful detail for how long? Yet they insist that they will work, that the horrible results don’t mean the ideas are horrible and that all criticism is not only wrong but racist, blah blah. So how stupid do they have to be to actually believe that.. or how stupid do they think we are. Or do they know what their plans result in… and knew from the start and are just lying. Which theory better explains what we are looking at.

  • d1stewart

    Almost as if? Having lived through Coleman Young and Kwame Kilpatrick (thank God Detroit finally got an Irishman to run the city!), it’s not almost as if.

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