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Bunker Buster Bombs Ratchet Up Pressure On Iran


The US has redesigned its biggest “bunker buster” bomb to be even bigger and smarter, Pentagon officials said today. “Hopefully we never have to use it,” a US official told the WSJ. “But if we had to, it would work.”

The Boeing-built bomb is designed to be dropped from a plane and hit the ground with nearly inch-perfect accuracy, then burrow into the earth and destroy underground facilities that could not otherwise be reached by conventional weaponry. The Pentagon is specifically targeting the Fordow nuclear enrichment plant deep underground outside the holy city of Qom in Iran, according to the WSJ:

The newest version of what is the Pentagon’s largest conventional bomb, the 30,000-pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator, or MOP, has adjusted fuses to maximize its burrowing power, upgraded guidance systems to improve its precision and high-tech equipment intended to allow it to evade Iranian air defenses in order to reach and destroy the Fordow nuclear enrichment complex, which is buried under a mountain near the Iranian city of Qom….

The improvements are meant to address U.S. and Israeli concerns that Fordow couldn’t be destroyed from the air. Overcoming that obstacle could also give the West more leverage in diplomatic efforts to convince Iran to curtail its nuclear program.

Clearly diplomacy and sanctions have not convinced Iran to stop its nuclear program. But other alternatives are moving ahead. These enhanced bunker busters are like nothing Israel has in its arsenal and are meant to convince Jerusalem that Washington is serious about stopping Iran’s nuclear program by any means necessary, even if the Israeli Defense Forces are not quite up to the task. If these bunker busters work as advertised, that message will be well received in Israel. Will it worry Tehran and convince the mullahs to make concessions?

We shall see.

[Iran’s Fordow nuclear enrichment facility, courtesy Google Maps]

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  • Misha Janovich

    Let’s blow up a nation because global Zionists don’t like it. But let’s turn a blind eye to Israel’s 300 illegal nukes and its oppression of Palestinians. And never mind most Jews are Obama-pushing Democrats. The first and foremost duty of conservatives is to revere Jews and Israel, especially if, like Mead, their bread and butter are paid for by rich Jewish donors.

    Mead is a shameless whore.

  • Alexander Scipio

    An EMP burst @ 100km altitude that destroyed their electrical infrastructure would be much easier to do, have a higher degree of completeness, make it far more difficult to restart the project, and require zero costs for R&D. Are we interested in taking out their nuclear weapons infrastructure – or in making a political statement?

    • Luke Lea

      And cause a tremendous amount of collateral damage and unnecessary human suffering.

  • Luke Lea

    If one doesn’t work drop another one right behind it.

  • Lorenz Gude

    As I read this story I get the sense that there may have been a minor tweak to the bomb’s electronics, but essentially this is diplomacy by press release, and there is little chance that one will be used. Still, this is not the Obama who failed to support the Iranian revolution evidently because he thought he could do quid pro quo with the mullahs. His response to the Nork brat’s tantrum seems to indicate he may have learned that it takes two to engage in ‘smart diplomacy’. So I will believe it if I see it, and I ain’t betting our post colonial college professor is going to plant one on them. .

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