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States Keeping US Competitive

Congress seems intent on exploring how low its approval rating can go. (Americans now prefer Genghis Khan to our federal legislature.) But the story is completely different for U.S. state legislatures, where new reforms and innovations are helping to keep Americans’ faith in government alive. This weekend’s Economist echoed Via Meadia in a piece lauding states for picking up some of the slack from Congress:

Pressed for cash, states are adopting sweeping reforms as they vie to attract investments and migrants. Louisiana and Nebraska want to abolish corporate and personal income taxes. Kansas has created a post called “the Repealer” to get rid of red tape and pays a “bounty” to high schools for every vocational qualification their students earn in certain fields; Ohio has privatised its economic-development agency; Virginia has just reformed its petrol-tax system.

Regulation, innovation, infrastructure, education: each of these is crucial to competitiveness. Put together the small things happening in the states, and they become something rather big. That is the essence of the America that works.

Read the whole thing.

[Image of the US Capitol building courtesy of Shutterstock]

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