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How Your Cell Phone Can Help You Quit Your Job

The mobile app market was once reserved for techies and programmers, but that market has now burst open to people of all fields and skill levels. The WSJ explores how these new, small, and perhaps less traditionally tech-savvy entrepreneurs are increasingly using apps to sell everything from electronics to designer apparel.

And the possibilities go far beyond retail. There are apps to let you use virtually every resource at your disposal to earn some extra cash: your car (through Lyft, a ridesharing taxi app), your unused driveway or parking space (rent it out through Parking Panda), and even your time and your phone itself (by running errands through EasyShift).

This is exactly the kind of new service job market we’ve been talking about for awhile now. The big box manufacturing and corporate jobs of the past will continue to slip away, but an entire world of opportunity waits just over the horizon. Some have expressed fears that this new market would only really work for that rare breed of high-level entrepreneurs, but we’re seeing more and more evidence that opportunities are opening up for people of all kinds of skill sets and energy levels.

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