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Blue California Going Grey

California is already one of the most dysfunctional states in the Union; now it is set to become one of the oldest and most childless as well. According to the WSJ, the state’s population numbers are in steep decline:

In 1970, six years after the end of the baby boom, children made up more than one-third of California’s population. By 2030, they will account for just one-fifth, according to projections by lead author Dowell Myers, a USC demographer. “We have a massive replacement problem statewide,” Mr. Myers said in an interview.

Falling birth rates are going to put even more pressure on the blue governance model in California. As the boomers begin to retire, there won’t be enough working youngsters to pay for the state’s pension system and social services at their present levels.

More spending with fewer people to pay for it: California is looking more and more like Europe.

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